Accounting Courses – Become a Chartered Accountant

A raft of new accounting courses have been introduced by London-based business schools with the aim of meeting the demand from employers for professionals who are well prepared for careers in accountancy.

If you’ve considered becoming a chartered accountant now is the time to consider making the move and completing an undergraduate business degree. Accounting courses can provide students with a solid grounding in all areas of accounting and finance, including financial accounting, assurance, audit, taxation, law, corporate finance and financial management – all core areas that professionals encounter in business on a daily basis.

Many scholars also have a clear aptitude for maths, economics and statistics before enrolling in accounting courses, with the opportunity to focus deeply on finance and accounting or to broaden studies into niche areas such as languages, business law and corporate social responsibility.

BSc Accounting courses are available in London for three and four-year programmes with the latter providing an excellent opportunity to include relevant work experience to prepare for a career and make contacts in the business world.

Not only do London-based business schools provide unrivalled links to the City of London, they also provide a vibrant and supportive community for students all year round. With a plethora of societies and activities available and the entirety of the nation’s capital to explore, London is one of the best places in the world to study.

Most students are guaranteed a place to stay in halls of residence for their first year and with full access to all the learning resources you need – including libraries, lecturers and guest speakers – all the tools are there to get the best head start in business.

Source by Amanda Chick

Diana McCalpin is an accountant who manages a Certified Public Accounting Practice in Laurel, Maryland which performs audit, accounting and tax services to customers. She loves to share information with clients to help them grow their businesses and be profitable.

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