Must Know Facts Prior to Company Registration

Company registration is one of the steps that a serious company owner must undertake. Before starting a business, it is essential to decide on its basic details including the name of the business, a clear plan regarding its operation, the objective for beginning the business, the name of the business managers, owner and if possible, the company secretary. After coming up with this information, you need to choose on a suitable method for company registration, appoint or hire an accountant, register for the VAT and open the bank account for the business.

After making these details clear, company registration will now be possible to be undertaken. It will also be possible to carry on with trade. When deciding on what company name to choose, you may decide to come up with a name that is peculiar for your business or decide to buy an off-the-shelf company which has a name under its incorporation.

By choosing to start a limited liability company, you obtain the legitimacy mark and a professional symbol for all the other businesses. During company registration, anyone can create a business name and call it a business. But, starting a business that will succeed takes effort and dedication. Although there are certain minimal costs, by undergoing company registration, you are putting up a legal instrument that will facilitate the running of your business. A good number of non-devoted entrepreneurs and other scam artists will do very little to go through the process of company registration.

A good company should have one director and shareholders. Besides, there ought to be some rules contained in the Memorandum and the Articles of Association. This is an important requirement needed in starting a business. The new company will be required to have an office where all official notices and other correspondence are channeled. Moreover, starting a business requires you have a new address.

Starting a business in Ireland can be done through several options. The common ones are ones that require one to go directly to the Companies House, utilizing a company formation service online, use of a contractor accountant or through a formation agent.

Before starting a business, it is vital you research on each of these options and choose the most suitable one. There are costs associated with each method. Most business owners find it taxing to use the direct method because of the numerous formalities and duration needed. Consequently, many entrepreneurs would seek the services of a professional to help them carry out the process of starting a business. There are several online agencies that are competent enough to help in setting up a company.

In Ireland, there is the Quick Company Formations which is out to assist solicitors, new business owners and accountants start up their businesses. You only need to visit their website, check out the available services and costs then place an order. They have been in the business for long and thus have the necessary experience and expertise required to enable you register a company. Apart for company registration, they also offer other services including company restoration, tax registration, and change of company name, and filing of the first annual return, among other services.

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